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SmartMove®: a proven, fully define set of procedures and guiding documents that save you time, money, mitigates risks and unifies the entire process.

Smart Move® - Defined and proven, these procedures and documented support mitigate risk, provide structural process management, save you time and protect your capital.  


The Integra group has developed a comprehensive and proven Facility Analysis and Relocation Flow Process known as SmartMove®.

SmartMove® is a proprietary, task-driven, ISO 9001 compliant set of procedures that guide and coordinates Clients, Contractors and the Project Management team through every phase of the project.

SmartMove® comprises of 4 major phases through which Integra's team of professionals guide, protect and mitigate schedule and budget risks. Each phase is a distinct body of work and activities completed within each phase compliment the next phase ensuring continuity and efficiency.



Based upon the knowledge and proven procedures used in the many previous facility transitions, each phase of the process is fully anticipated. In the following pages, Integra defines each phase of its typical facility project. Upon request Integra will provide a detailed breakdown of major anticipated tasks that our Clients typically experience as the progress through each phase.


SmartMove® - Four Phases


CBRE/Integra emphasizes a coordinated involvement of Client personnel in various planning teams. Scheduling of team activities and meeting agendas are predefined and ensure that all activities are timely and consistent.

In-House Facility Transition Teams



Throughout the process formal documentation is constantly updated and utilized by all authorized team members. Drawings, GANTT charts, budgets, task lists, meeting minutes, together with planned team meetings, ensure both “big picture” understanding and detailed task responsibilities and continuity.

Through its unique Smart Move ® program and Integra's experience, the Integra delivers to the Client's senior management complete control, visibility and total confidence that of all aspects of the Facility Transition are being addressed.



Complete Control



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